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ZIKORA STUDIOS is a film production services company based in the UK. We provide services for every segment of the filmmaking life cycle, from pre-production to the finished broadcast product, and then marketing.

Our experienced team will ensure that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and will help with everything you need through all the phases of production. Our services are fully customisable and we adapt to your needs, to turn out a finished product that meets and even beats your expectations.



ZIKORA STUDIOS has a team of experienced professionals with a range of backgrounds who can help with every aspect of the pre-production process: concept creation; equipment; permit applications; Location scouting; etc.



We have skilled camera operators, cinematographers, videographers, production assistants, our own vast range of equipment, plus access to  additional major camera, sound and lighting technology.



We have access to skilled and experienced editors, VFX artists, sound designers, and sound mixers, working with the most advanced editing tools, sound stages and design suites. 


Marketing & Sales

Our distribution and marketing services monetize feature films and documentaries, showing them in Cinemas, Online Streaming Services, and all other outlets, worldwide.

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