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  • We provide services for every segment of the filmmaking life cycle, from pre-production to the finished broadcast product, and then marketing.

  • We ensure that the entire filmmaking process runs smoothly and help with everything you need through all the phases of production.

  • We adapt to your needs, to turn out a finished product that meets, and even exceeds, your expectations.

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Sham Love - Online Dating Ruse

Sham Love - Online Dating Ruse

(Crime Romantic Thriller.


Sham Love Stories: Stop that Wedding.

Stop That Wedding -

(Thriller Romantic - Out now)

Sham Love Stories: Escape - Stop that Wedding.

Escape - Stop that Wedding 

(Thriller Romance - Out now)

Keep My baby - temp poster-pexels-kehn-hermano-3667981.png

Keep My Baby
(Thriller Romance
Coming soon)

temp poster -Sunset is Monica's dawn - pexels-elijah-o'donnell-2389349.png
A film about Nigeria's 1908s pop idol, Jide Obi.

Behind The Front Page News - 

The story of Nigeria's 80s pop music golden boy - Jide Obi.

(in pre-production)

A film about the events leading to the Biafran War.

Last Train To Biafra - 

the story of a Biafran child

(in pre-production)

Sunset Is Monica's Dawn
(Action Thriller - in pre-production)

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